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The latest boardroom technology in Australia has made it much easier to communicate with clients, teams and other businesses all over the world. When correctly configured, boardroom automation allows you to easily win new business, and communicate professionally and efficiently in your business dealings with others.

Reliable Technology

Having equipment working seamlessly as soon as your meeting starts gives an efficient impression of your business. When equipment will not work it does not create a great first impression and can leave your business looking disorganized and ineffective. Often it is not the equipment but the way it is set up that can cause problems.

One Central Control System

Boardroom Automation has one central control system rather than a variety of remotes.It gives you a cleaner design, fewer cords, and a more professional appearance. With a professionally installed automated system, you look organized, professional and in command of the meeting.

Boardroom Automation allows staff to control audiovisual, teleconferencing, projectors, lighting, networking, security and even raising or lowering the shades all from one central control system.

Ensure that your system is professionally installed for seamless use and operation. At Avinstallation Specialist, we provide expert audio visual installation Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, and Cairns regions.

Ease of use

It is simple to train staff in the use of an automated boardroom system. Having one central control for everything allows staff to be confident in using the equipment and leaves them able to focus 100% on the meeting, rather than on getting equipment to work. Our AV Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland teams will train your staff on how to easily use your new system.

To create a professional impression in boardroom meetings, expertly designed and installed AV boardroom installation is essential. You will be able to better communicate with existing and future clients, staff, and suppliers, in a professional and confident manner. Contact us for Audio Visual installation Melbourne, Sydney, nd Queensland areas.