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When you are looking to install a home theatre, the first thing to think about is creating a fantastic TV and movie watching experience. The aim of a home theatre is for it to have a cinematic atmosphere – you have the excitement of the movies while relaxing and entertaining in your own home.

As specialists in home theatre installation in Brisbane and throughout Australia, we find that whatever your room size and budget, when you are setting up your home theatre installationthere are some things you need to know:

Television Size

Your TV will be the main focal point of your home theatre, and as such it should be of sound quality and be as large as practical for your room and budget for your theatre. When you are organising your home theatre installation in Brisbane, consider the size of TV that is best suited to your room for best viewing.

Speakers for Your Home Theatre Installation in Brisbane

Great quality speakers will produce a superior surround sound.Consider how you would like your speakers positioned – will they be best placedat the front and back of the room for maximum sound effects?Would you like them concealed in the walls or ceiling for a modern and uncluttered look?


Cables that are hidden from view make for a streamlined look in your home theatre room. When organising home theatre installation Brisbane residents often opt to conceal cables. It is also much safer for children - and for the equipment - if cables are kept away from small fingers.

Central Remote Controls

Do you want a central remote control for your home theatre?With a central remote the sound, TV, and even the lighting and blinds in the room can all be controlled from one central location. This can be via a remote control, or your phone or tablet.

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