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Getting a new TV is exciting! Now that you found and purchased your new flat screen it is time to get it installed! Installing a television can be difficult – if in doubt always contact a professional. Here are some tips to successful TV installation Sydney, Melbourne and other areas of Australia in your home or business:

Plan Your Install Point Before Installing

The living room is the most popular room in the home for installing a flat screen. But perhaps you have purchased it for the rumpus room or for a bedroom, or another room in the house.

Before you install your TV pick the best vantage point in your chosen room for your telly. Ensure that it is located in a spot that is easily viewed and that viewing will not be affected by direct sunlight hitting the screen.

Decide whether you are mounting your TV on the wall, or whether you will have an entertainment unit or display cabinet for the TV.

TV wall mounting can be tricky and if not done correctly can result in damage to both your new TV and your wall. If you are unsure at all, contact a professional. We provide expert services in TV wall mounting Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Melbourne, and Sydney areas.

Cables are Hidden

Cables are best put in the wall out of the way where they are neat and tidy. This not only creates a streamlined look, it is a safety issue, particularly if you have young children.

Are the Ports Easily Accessible?

When you install your flat screen TV you will need to make sure that you have access to the ports of the television. If they are located at the back of the TV you will need to purchase a wall mount which telescopes outwardly.

Have the Right Tools Available

Before you start to install the television you may need some tools – particularly if mounting on the wall. These can include a screwdriver, a drill driver, a drill bit set, a wrench and a stud finder.

Installing a TV can be difficult, time-consuming and frustrating. We have many years of experience in the Audio Visual industry and provide friendly and reliable service. For professional installs contact us for home theater, AV and TV installation Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Melbourne, and Sydney areas.