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Today installing a home theatre is within reach of more people. High definition sound and visual has become more mainstream, and there are far more homes with wide screen TVs and high-quality audio.

As providers of expert home theatre and AV installationsSydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and other areas of Australia we find that dedicated home theatre roomsneed to be carefully thought out. Great planningwillensure that your TV image and your audio are optimised.

Consider the Room ArrangementsWhen Organising TV Installation Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Townsville and Cairns Areas

If you can start with a room that has not been wired before. Starting with a blank slate makes it easier logistically to organise furniture and devices.

Where would you like the TV and sound system? Are there other media devices to be installed? For TV installation Sydney residents and other residents of Australia need to consider the best viewing point, comfort, how the TV will be mounted, whether the room will have full AV automation and more. We recommend a consultation with an expert before purchasing any TV, AV equipment or furniture.

Resolution of Your Home Cinema

At the cinema, the projector and screen resolution play a big part in getting that crystal clear image. At home, a 4K television or projector will allow you to achieve that same vibrant effect.

What are the Features that you Want in Your Home Theatre?

Do you want ease of use, the most modern of technology and push-button solutions? Is comfort a priority? Will the room be primarily used by your immediate family or will you have regular cinema experiences with large groups of friends?

Have a Streamlined Room with Expert Media and TV Installation Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville and Cairns Areas

As professionals with many years of experience in home theatre installation and AV Sydney and other areas, we ensure that your home theatre room is practical, functional and looks great. Cords are contained for safety, and aesthetic reasons and each device is placed in a position of best advantage.

Contact us for more information on creating the perfect environment for home theatre installation. Our years of experience will prevent you having years of exasperation! We provide hassle-free AV installations Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, and Cairns areas.