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Having a dedicated media room in your home gives you a room that is completely for entertainment and leisure.

You can have your computers, laptops, tablets, big screen TV, stereo and games all in the one place. It is a room of fun for kids and adults alike! Fill it with whatever else you and your family love - board games, a pool table, mini golf and a dedicated virtual reality system are all options for your media room.

As one of the best audiovisual companies, Sydney has to offer, we can give you some great ideas and advice, and provide quality installation of all the AV needs for your media room.

Utilise Smart Home Automation with AV and TV installation Gold Coast, Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne Regions

With professional audiovisual installationSydney Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, and other residents can relax and enjoy tv and equipment with the touch of a button. Once expertly installed, all that you need to do is enjoy the media room!

Dedicated Media Rooms are Great for Family Fun

A media room is where you and your family go purely to have fun. With expert AV and TV installation Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and other residents can enjoy quality time with their families. Gathering together to watch a movie,or play the latest virtual reality game after work and school is something that everyone will look forward to each day.

Great for Socialising

Having a dedicated media room makes your home popular with friends! After audit visual installation Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville Cairns and Melbourne residents will enjoy hours of fun watching movies, listening to music from a quality sound system, enjoying high definition PlayStation graphics and more.

As one of the renowned audio visual companies Sydney area, AV Installation provides expert audiovisual installation Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, and Townsville areas. Contact us today for more information on setting up your media room at home.