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Having a dedicated home theatre gives you the luxury of having a dedicated cinema in your own home, without needing to change out of your PJ’s or drive to the movies! If you are a lover of movies or TV, having a dedicated home theatre is the ultimate experience.

The Opulence of the Movies is Yours at Home After Home Theatre Installation Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

When you have a dedicated home theatre, it is like having a private cinema that you can go to 24/7. Enjoy the latest Oscar-winning show, Netflix, the Bachelor, or whatever takes your fancy in surround sound, luxury, and comfort – whenever you wish! With home theatre installation Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and other areas you have the ultimate social and relaxation room on hand all day every day.

Utilise Smart Home Automation

With professional audiovisual installation, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, Sydney and Cairns residents can put their feet up and start up their big screen TV with a touch of a button from their smartphones or tablet. The lights can be set to dim, and all home theatre devices will start up. It is a simple process once professionally installed!

Home Theatres are Great for Family Time

With expert home cinema TV installation Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and other Australian residents can enjoy quality time with their families. Gathering together to watch a movie or show in comfort can be something to look forward to at the end of each day. You will soon get a great ROI – taking the family out to the movies is not cheap!

Perfect for Entertaining

Having a dedicated home theatre room makes for great entertaining. After TV installation Brisbane residents, as well as residents of other Australian areas, can invite over some friends and just add popcorn for a fun night!

At AV Install, audiovisual installation Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, and Townsville areas are our specialty. Our years of experience can save you hours of frustration when setting up a home theatre! Contact us today to discuss your home theatre options.