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At AV Installation Specialists we provide services for TV wall mount installation in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, and Cairns. We have seen many DIY mistakes during our day to day work when it comes to mounting a new TV! Here are 5 to avoid:

  1. Research

Not being prepared and just attempting to wall mount the tellie without any research or knowledge at all is mistake number one! You need the right tools and a fair amount of know how before you start!

  1. Choose the Correct Mount

Installing a TV with an incorrect wall mount means that you may not be able to access your TV points when you are watching your favourite show or game. Know the type of mount that you need or require before you purchase and install it.

Our TV wall mount installation Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland teams take the guesswork out of purchasing equipment and installation. Why not let us take the hard work out of TV mounting for you … and save you time and money?

  1. Location of Your TV

Often our customers buy a new TV and have excitedly mounted it on the wall, paying no attention to position, comfort, glare and sunlight. Pick the best viewing point in your home for your television, and take into account the lighting and glare.

  1. Load Bearing Walls

The wall that you hang your TV on needs to be sturdy and able to take the load of a TV! As Sydney audio visual specialists, we have seen many people with walls destroyed, and broken high-end TVs because their walls were simply not strong enough to hold the television.

  1. Cables, Remotes, and Devices

Coordinating your remotes, games, cables media player etc. calls for some technical know-how! People can get into quite a mess at this stage!


For expert TV installation in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns contact us at AV Installation, your Sydney audio visual specialists.